Topic Spotlight: Sustainability

Is this the High School of the Future? BTECH Fast Tracks Youth for STEM Jobs

Bryant Locke and Martina Kiss may look like typical 14-year old high school freshmen, but one conversation reveals they are as purpose-driven as any seasoned... Read more »

Smarter Cities: The Future Metropolis and Societal Impact

The buzz: Cities. Connected cars, connected devices, connected wearables and more connected “stuff” are already here. But if your city were connected, too, then the... Read more and listen »

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Storing Renewable Energy with Tesla Motors Technology

Oil, gas and coal helped power the Industrial Revolution, but humans have to tear up the planet to extract these energy sources. Burning them pollutes the environment, but... Read more »

At the Intersection of Big Data and the Internet of Things – Part 3

The buzz: IoT. When we discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) as a vast ecosystem of physical objects connected to the Internet, we tend to think mainly in terms of... Read more and listen »

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SAP Supports Immediate Relief Actions After Earthquake in Nepal

WALLDORF — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) will donate EUR 100,000 through the SAP Foundation to aid immediate relief efforts for the thousands of victims of the disastrous... Read more »

ConAgra Foods Combats Child Hunger

The United States economy is the richest in the world with $17.5 trillion in purchasing power. As such, one would assume that American children don’t go... Read more »

SAP’s Social Sabbatical: Not a One Way Street

From the corporate world to the world of cleaning: a recent experience in the Philippines. ... Read more »

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