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How to Keep Employees from Becoming Competitors

Many of you submit questions through my website. I do my best to respond in a timely manner with information to help you succeed in your business. Recently, I’ve been... Read more »

Social Business: Creating Measurable Business Value

The buzz: Social.  Social media is the new way of doing business: always on and available, working for or against your company and your brand. With vast data at their... Read more and listen »

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Digital Banking Comes of Age

The buzz: You can bank on it. Digital technology is changing the banking industry by influencing the ways we bank and what we expect from banks. It is also turning money... Read more and listen »

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User Experience in Enterprise Software: ROI of UX

The buzz: Happiness. Enterprise software has been delivering increased functionality for years, but too often at the expense of ease-of-use. Why? Good design is... Read more and listen »

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The Small Business Coach Cuts Complexity, One Case at a Time

Join us on The Small Business Coach, a new advice column from SAP, as we take a look at how to solve issues affecting small business owners and entrepreneurs. Save time,... Read more »

New Revenue Recognition: Is It Here Yet?

The buzz: Rev Rec. Revenue recognition or "rev rec", is considered to be the single most important item on your company’s financial statement and to your organization.... Read more and listen »

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Nostalgic-Art Tests In-Memory Platform

Ten years after switching to SAP, Berlin wholesaler Nostalgic-Art is getting ready to deploy in-memory technology.... Read more »

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