Topic Spotlight: Mobile

2014 Top Partner Mobile Apps – Available on the SAP Store!

The 2014 SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development Challenge showcased excellence in development by the SAP partner community. The best news of all – you will find all of... Read more »

15 Predictions to Shake Up Business in 2015

This week on Coffee Break with Game-Changers, SAP Radio host Bonnie D. Graham asked leading experts, academics, and business influencers what is on their business wish list... Read more »

Why HR is Still Waiting for a Killer Mobile App

As mobile devices continue to permeate our personal lives, the demand for corporate mobile apps continues to rise. ... Read more »

Why Do So Many Start-ups Fail?

The buzz: Startup fever. Whooosh! The sound of start-ups roaring out of the gate with energy, commitment, passion. Thud! The sound of over 90% of startups failing. Did... Read more and listen »

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Education and Training for the Internet of Things

The buzz: School for IoT. So you think your company can just dive in and reap value from the IoT? Not so fast. Yes, we’re poised for a dramatic increase in the number... Read more and listen »

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Fighting the Epidemic of Creeping Complexity

Jim McKelvey can’t understand anything that’s too complex. He co-founded Square to revolutionize credit card payments. He’s world-renowned in the art of glassblowing.... Read more »

Crowdsourcing and Contests Make the Grade for SAP MOOCs

One of the biggest criticisms of MOOCs is that they can’t replicate the unique learning environment of the classroom. ... Read more »

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