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SuccessFactors Helps Netafim Cultivate the World’s Most Precious Resource: Water

As a leading-edge provider of smart irrigation solutions, Netafim helps farmers in over 100 countries increase crop yields while consuming as little precious water as... Read more »

The Telltale Sign It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Software

The Question: I’ve been trying to convince my manager to consider upgrading our software so we can stay competitive but he won’t budge. How can I change his mind? The... Read more »

Becoming a Smart Port

Kenya Ports is redefining the economy of a region. There are four ways to transport people and goods: air, water, rail or roads. In East Africa, where many countries are... Read more »

Convergent IS Runs SAP S/4HANA to Support 200% Growth

Small companies can make big impacts. For one relatively small B2B organization, Convergent IS, creativity, curiosity, and innovation power a hunger for success for both... Read more »

Alexis Glick and GENYOUth: Passion-Driven Success

What do you get when you combine a former Wall Street executive with a business news anchor turned CEO of a major non-profit foundation aimed at empowering youth? Alexis... Read more »

From Poaching to Farming

Africa is still the only continent not producing enough food to feed its population. So how can SAP help the continent improve its agricultural potential? Thomas Odenwald,... Read more »

Digital Technology is a Game Changer for Education Worldwide

When you listen to experts in the field, it is easy to conclude that digital technology is transforming education as much as Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press did nearly... Read more »

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