Spotlight: Feature Article

Who are You Calling a Nerd?

Open-plan offices, senseless meetings, and endless monotony – that’s how most graduates imagine IT companies. Young SAP employees dispel this cliché.... Read more »

Mission Control: Sending SAP Customers into the Right Orbit

In their quest to become perfect companies, organizations invariably encounter SAP's mission control center. It sends customers into the right orbit. ... Read more »

Data Security Breaches: The Ugly Truths Exposed

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, security breaches reached a record high in the U.S. last year, spanning some 675 million records. Over 30 percent of these... Read more »

3 Digital Trends Changing Supply Chains as We Know Them

Consumers are thrilled with all the flexible ways they can find and purchase goods, not to mention same-day shipping which has revolutionized the concept of getting exactly... Read more »

SAP’s Social Sabbatical: Not a One Way Street

From the corporate world to the world of cleaning: a recent experience in the Philippines. ... Read more »

The World of Work Is Shifting – Our Mindset in Female Leadership Should Too

What we have traditionally known as work is undergoing a massive transformation. ... Read more »

The Internet of Things, the Networked Economy and SAP S/4HANA: It’s All Connected

Internet of things spending in 2015 is expected to exceed $1.7 trillion. A networked economy is a business opportunity and a call for change. ... Read more »

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