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openSAP Breaks New Ground in MOOCs with SAP Fiori UX Mobile Apps Challenge

The winners of openSAP’s latest SAP Fiori UX  app developer’s challenge have a message for anyone who still thinks MOOCs consist of knowledge transfer through talking... Read more »

The Power of SAP Partners

With more than 13,000 partners, including 1,400 cloud partners, SAP Global Partner Operations drives a significant percentage of SAP’s revenue and is responsible for... Watch the video »

Specialty Wine Importer Raises a Glass to New ERP Solution

SAP and Softengine deliver best-in-class ERP solution for Vine Connections. Vine Connections is the exclusive U.S. importer and representative of a dynamic portfolio of... Read more »

Changing Your Game: Steps to Starting Up on Your Own

The buzz: On your game! So you want to start a business? It helps to start at the very beginning, but first you need to know the steps to take and sticking points you may... Read more and listen »

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Bridging the Strategic Human Resources Gap with SAP Cloud Partner HRIZONS

Ask many human resources (HR) professionals today what they want most, and the answer is simple: to be a strategic business partner. According to Jim Newman, President and... Read more »

How openSAP MOOCs are Creating Dynamic Learning Communities

Since MOOCs (massive open online courses) have emerged as an accepted educational option, one of the fundamental questions is how much students can actually learn in a... Read more »

Co-Innovation: Your Path to a Digital Future

The buzz: Better together. To survive in our rapidly changing world – more interconnected than ever before and generating an unprecedented volume of data – you need... Read more and listen »

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