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The Spin with Megan Meany: Earnings; In the Clouds with SAP TV; SAP Cup

SAP TV Senior Correspondent Megan Meany has the latest SAP and tech news headlines. This week’s news, insights and updates include earnings for the second quarter and... Watch the video »

Technology and Education: Empowering Youth Worldwide

The buzz: School days. All children start with the same passions, imagination, and desire to learn. But according to UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report,... Read more and listen »

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SAP Cup: Cool Games, Hot Goals!

Seventy-six teams, 10 countries, five days of the tournament – the traditional SAP Cup brought together the whole SAP family in the small German town of Rettigheim. SAP... Watch the video »

Women at SAP Silicon Valley: Tech Inspires Me with Puzzles Everyday

What are you working on? That depends on who is asking. I am in query processing for the folks at my office. I am an SAP HANA developer for others at SAP. I am an engineer... Read more »

David v Goliath: Business Networks and Diversity Suppliers

The buzz: David v Goliath 2015. By 2020, global trade among connected businesses could total $65 trillion. But large corporations’ current processes can’t keep up... Read more and listen »

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Does Simplifying Access to Data Make Us Smarter?

The buzz: Is faster ‘smarter”? Today, you don’t need to be a statistician to access sophisticated analytics online and run them incredibly fast. But despite the... Read more and listen »

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In the Clouds with SAP

Ride along as SAP takes four customers up into hot air balloons to hear their cloud stories — literally — in the clouds! Episode 1: Fired Up! Episode 2: Insight... Watch the video »

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