Topic Spotlight: Consumer Products

Video Killed the Radio Star: Evolving Your Business Model

The buzz: Evolve, Evolving, Evolution As we find ourselves in the midst of a tech-driven fourth industrial Revolution, two new game-changers have emerged: complexity... Read more and listen »

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Small Business Insights Part 2: Art of Customer Engagement.

The buzz: Fine Art.  To survive today, small businesses must understand the fine art of customer engagement and the importance of cohesive omni-channel branding. But... Read more and listen »

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Social Business: Creating Measurable Business Value

The buzz: Social.  Social media is the new way of doing business: always on and available, working for or against your company and your brand. With vast data at their... Read more and listen »

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The Secret to Successful Retail: Play to Your Strengths

Mexico is a land of contrasts. This fact is perhaps no more evident than in the country’s retail sector. As a PwC report so aptly describes the situation, “Mexico is a... Read more »

Spotting the Centaur at SAPPHIRE NOW

I have always had a soft spot for centaurs, the half human, half horse creatures in Greek Mythology because they successfully straddled two worlds – the wild and the... Read more »

Small Business Insights: Sustainable Collaboration – Part 1

The buzz: Partners.  Small businesses today must deftly manage business partnerships without risking IP, valued talent, or worse – in a business milieu where the lines... Read more and listen »

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MD in the Palm of Your Hand: Connected Care

The buzz: To Life! With the average American living 20 years longer than their parents, chronic illness and diminished wellbeing are fast becoming major global public... Read more and listen »

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