Topic Spotlight: Consumer Products

User Experience vs Worker Expectations: UX vs WX

The buzz: The X’s have it. Will consumers’ demands for simple daily-life user experiences (UX) drive them to also insist on comparable worker experience (WX)... Read more and listen »

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Time for a Tune-up: Advanced Analytics and Auto Safety

After a record number of vehicle recalls in 2014, automakers and other companies are under intense pressure from consumers and regulators to proactively improve product... Read more »

Health Wearables: Just Hype or Revolutionary for Patients?

Sixty percent of Americans are tracking and sharing the most intimate details of their bodies -- think: weight, diet, exercise -- using devices such as wristbands, watches,... Read more »

Future of The Connected Car: Vrrroom!

The buzz: Driver’s Ed. The “Connected Car” is not a new concept, with online diagnostics, monitoring, GPS, entertainment and communications making vehicles... Read more and listen »

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The Disruptors: Plant Bottles, Not Plastic

The Disruptors is a series of short stories of customer innovation from around the world. Heinz puts SAP HANA in the cloud to boost global efficiency. So what? ... Read more »

Importance of Simple Design: Participate

The buzz: Simplicity. No one asks for a more complicated life. But here we are, leading busier, more complex lives than ever, by many measures. Take heart. You and... Read more and listen »

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Modern Customer Journey: Having It Their Way – Part 2

The buzz: Their Way If you’re seeing a transformation in your relationship with customers, you are not alone. Digital transformation is empowering today’s consumers... Read more and listen »

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