Topic Spotlight: Cloud

SAP Announces First Quarter 2015 Results

Cloud Revenue up 131%, SAP Business Network Revenue up 207% SAP HANA Soars, Driving Cloud and Software Revenue up 24% Strong Growth in New Cloud Bookings: Up... Read more »

No End to the Innovation Race

The CIO of Danish State Railways reveals the secret to modernization. ... Read more »

SAPPHIRE NOW Answers the Top Questions Human Resources and IT have about Simplifying with Cloud

The buzz about cloud-based human resource (HR) software continues unabated, but the real news this year is how this technology changes the relationship between HR and IT... Read more »

In-memory and Cloud Computing: There Yet?

The buzz: Cloud. IT professionals are wondering if the end of the “on premise hard drive” is in sight as in-memory computing, especially in the Cloud, has made major... Read more and listen »

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No More Pencils, No More Books: The Decline of the Corporate Classroom

There was a time when formal classroom learning was just about the only option a company had for employee training. ... Read more »

IoT Can Keep You Healthy — Even When You Sleep

Today the Internet of Things is revamping technology. Smart devices speak to each other and work together to provide the end user with a better product experience. ... Read more »

Supplier Risk Management: Time to Get Serious

Today’s buzz: Risk.  Supplier risk management is the fastest growing discipline within supplier management. Why? When a key supplier disrupts the supply chain, your... Read more and listen »

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