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Fascinating People I Met in 2014

There are many ways to reflect on our experiences. ... Read more »

How Tech, Trends and SAP Are Changing the Face of Vending Machines

We might not recognize vending machines in a few years. They may still be big and boxy, but technology and regulations will soon change what we buy from them -- and how we do... Watch the video »

A Roadmap for Simple

Our CEO, Bill McDermott, has thrown down the gauntlet on enterprise complexity so to speak and issued a challenge to every single SAP employee: Make our valuable products and... Read more »

Food Bank and Software Synergies

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community.” --Cesar Chavez ... Read more »

Crowdsourcing and Contests Make the Grade for SAP MOOCs

One of the biggest criticisms of MOOCs is that they can’t replicate the unique learning environment of the classroom. ... Read more »

The Future of Work is Hands Free and Voice Driven

Untether is a good word. It makes me think of ships pulling anchor and sailing off to new horizons. ... Read more »

The Truth About Mobile Technology

I base my truth about mobile on two things: what customers and industry leaders say and how analysts define leadership in this space. ... Read more »

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