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Five Steps to Diversity by Design

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin I previously described the... Read more »

Women at SAP Silicon Valley: The Best Leaders Walk Hand-in-Hand with Their Team

There is a song that haunts me. It’s a camp song, often misattributed to Albert Camus. A song I learned as a teenager that I find myself humming and reflecting on even now,... Read more »

Women at SAP Silicon Valley: Tech Inspires Me with Puzzles Everyday

What are you working on? That depends on who is asking. I am in query processing for the folks at my office. I am an SAP HANA developer for others at SAP. I am an engineer... Read more »

Women at SAP Silicon Valley: Design Team Defies Gender Norm

SAP’s d.Studio design team is 70% female. Coincidence or by design? The high percentage of women in the runs counter to everything we hear in press reports about... Read more »

openSAP Breaks New Ground in MOOCs with SAP Fiori UX Mobile Apps Challenge

The winners of openSAP’s latest SAP Fiori UX  app developer’s challenge have a message for anyone who still thinks MOOCs consist of knowledge transfer through talking... Read more »

The True Value of Internships

School’s out, and it’s officially intern season. My first internship was the summer after my sophomore year of college. It was an unpaid, part-time position at a... Read more »

How Real-Time Analytics Will Kill a Financial Tradition @SAPinsider 2015

Traditions can be as dangerous as they are comforting. Sure, it’s fine to enjoy spectacular fireworks every New Year’s Eve, or just blow out some candles on every... Read more »

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