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The Secret to Successful Retail: Play to Your Strengths

Mexico is a land of contrasts. This fact is perhaps no more evident than in the country’s retail sector. As a PwC report so aptly describes the situation, “Mexico is a... Read more »

New Revenue Recognition: Is It Here Yet?

The buzz: Rev Rec. Revenue recognition or "rev rec", is considered to be the single most important item on your company’s financial statement and to your organization.... Read more and listen »

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At the Intersection of Big Data and the Internet of Things – Part 3

The buzz: IoT. When we discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) as a vast ecosystem of physical objects connected to the Internet, we tend to think mainly in terms of... Read more and listen »

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Great Workplaces: Trust, Engagement, Simplification, and Millennials

The buzz: Workplace culture.  Stockholders may not be concerned with your company’s culture, but your employees certainly are. Culture is such a powerful tool for... Read more and listen »

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Google and SAP: New Collaboration Announced in Bill McDermott’s SAPPHIRE NOW Keynote

This morning SAP CEO Bill McDermott announced an exciting new collaboration with Google during his keynote address at SAPPHIRE NOW. Google and SAP are working together to... Read more »

SAP Delivers New Data Insights with SAP Lumira

ORLANDO — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today unveiled the latest innovations in SAP Lumira and SAP Predictive Analytics software to enable customers to do even more with their data... Read more »

MD in the Palm of Your Hand: Connected Care

The buzz: To Life! With the average American living 20 years longer than their parents, chronic illness and diminished wellbeing are fast becoming major global public... Read more and listen »

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