Topic Spotlight: Analytics

The Networked Economy: Shaping the Future of Retail – Part 2.

The buzz: Wake-up, Retailers. For today’s consumer, “the world” is just a few clicks away. Armed with anytime, anywhere information, consumers can (and do) find the... Read more and listen »

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Five Good Reasons to Celebrate Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? Probably. But how much do you really know about this delicious food? Did you know that chocolate has its own holiday or that the world’s bestselling... Read more »

Today’s Retail CMO: A New Outlook

The buzz: Shake it up, baby. Omni-channel migration within retail has had far-reaching implications, as consumers demand to shop when, where and how they want, and always... Read more and listen »

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Why Finance Would Be “Running Blind” Without Real Time

A computer glitch at the Royal Bank of Scotland last month wiped out about 600,000 payments -- a problem that took four days to fix. Similar disasters coincide with rising... Watch the video »

Re-Imagining EPM – Part 2: Working in the Cloud

The buzz: The Sizzle vs. The Steak. Many CFOs’ wish lists include improved collaboration, embedded analytics, easier deployment and streamlined maintenance. As a result,... Read more and listen »

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The Future of Managing Customer Mindshare

The buzz: Buy it now! The classic customer engagement model is evolving, as business customers and consumers search a broad set of indirect content – including social... Read more and listen »

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Spotlight on Women Leaders at SAP: Daniela Lange

Daniela Lange, Senior Director at SAP, leads Product Management for SAP payroll software. She joined the company fifteen years ago, after spending about five years in... Read more »

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