The Parable of the Monkey Tree

Sometimes it seems like marketers in the trenches, marketing leaders and our agency partners are all talking different languages. We’re not on the same page… We should all be working toward the same goal of growing our businesses by meeting customer needs. But something gets in the way…  (more…)

The Presentations from Social Media Day at SAP #SMW12

Below you can find a summary of the presentations from SAP’s Social Media Day (#SMW12) on February 15th, 2012. This amazing set of slides aggregates the wisdom and experience of a group of well-regarded social media practitioners that was shared as part of global social media week. Leverage this unique opportunity to get an insight into what is real and what is hype in social media. (more…)

Top Brands on Social Media Week (Part 2): What Cisco, NVIDIA, and Altimeter Said

Social Media Week 2012 is now at the half way point.  Today, top brands like Cisco, NVIDIA, and analysts from Altimeter joined me and colleagues from SAP to continue the great conversation.  Hosted at SAP, the event brought luminaries, practitioners, and thought-leaders from more top brands.  Our discussion centered on where should social reside, how to think like a customer, being as creative as possible with as little resources as you have, and our closing thoughts. (more…)

Is Outsourcing Social Media a Good Idea? It Depends.

We’re having a very interesting debate in our internal social media community. These community members (including me!) have strong and varied opinions about the merits of outsourcing social media. I think outsourcing some elements of your social media initiative is definitely worthwhile, while other functions should remain within your core team. (more…)

Top Brands on Social Media Week: What Intel, Adobe, Wells Fargo, Edelman, and SAP said

If you have been following Social Media Week around the globe these last few days, you would have seen some of the world’s best known brands, thought-leaders, and social media advocates come out to voice their ideas, share their opinions, go on rants, and predict the future.  While these passionate (and sometimes animated) conversations never quite rose to a Tom Cruise on-the-couch moment on Oprah (“I love Social Media!”), they were delivered with energy and enthusiasm for the way the business world has evolved. (more…)

More Than Rumor Has It: Social Media Can Wreak Havoc on the Market

“North Korea’s biggest leader Kim Jung Un, this morning in Beijing time 2:45 a.m., had his residence broken into and was assassinated,” a social media message from China stated last week. “Vehicles are rapidly increasing in number … this sort of battle formation hasn’t been seen in over two years.” This rumor, and at least one other like it, blasted across microblogging site Weibo before wafting over to its U.S. equivalent, Twitter. Western media skeptically picked up the story, which it later discredited. But rumors such as these can burst a rising market and sink investor confidence. (more…)

The Social CIO: On the Cutting Edge with SAP’s Oliver Bussmann

Oliver Bussmann, aka @sapcio, is a social media rock star. With over 3500 Twitter followers and a strong following on his “SAP Runs SAP” blog, he really understands his audience and knows how to share the content they want. In fact, when I approached him with this blog idea he already beat me to the punch. He had just finished up his own post on Social Media and an Executive’s Approach to Becoming an Online Trusted Advisor. (more…)

Google, Oh Google, What Are You Doing Now?

I have been surfing the Web since the early 1990s.  And as a witness to its extraordinary transformations and collapses, I can only look at Google and wonder, what is Google up to now? Google is entering the social media game, with Google +,  like Bing entered the search market race,  (kind of late);  and in doing so, what is going to happen to SEO – especially if a company’s brand is not included in Google’s Search Plus Your World. (more…)

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