Is this the High School of the Future? BTECH Fast Tracks Youth for STEM Jobs

Bryant Locke and Martina Kiss may look like typical 14-year old high school freshmen, but one conversation reveals they are as purpose-driven as any seasoned... Read more »

Women in Leadership: Be Less Super, More Human

What do you think of quotas for women at work? Why do women often think they’re not ready for a promotion? How do you get rid of feelings of guilt when you’re not... Read more »

Five Lessons from SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

“If you simplify everything, you can do anything.” – Bill McDermott, SAPPHIRE NOW, 2014 “When you make business Run Simple, you make life run simple.” – Bill... Read more »

SAPPHIRE NOW Keynote Highlights: Bill McDermott

How can companies Run Simple in an increasingly complex world? At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP CEO Bill McDermott discussed this question and many more faced by businesses of all sizes... Watch the video »

SAPPHIRE NOW Keynote Highlights: Bernd Leukert

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Executive Board Member Bernd Leukert discussed how companies can Run Simple by re-imagining the promise at the heart of... Watch the video »

SAPPHIRE NOW Keynote Highlights: Hasso Plattner

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Co-Founder Hasso Plattner described the in-memory revolution and how SAP HANA is enabling the business of the future. See... Watch the video »

SAPPHIRE NOW Keynote Highlights: Steve Singh

At SAPPHIRE NOW, Steve Singh, member of the SAP Global Managing Board and CEO of Concur, demonstrated how customers can Run Simple by connecting their business to the... Watch the video »

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