Spotlight: SAP Business Trends

3D Printing Could Create World’s First Bionic Man

3D printing has captured a lot of attention thanks to its science fiction connotations. In reality, 3D printing is anything but fiction since it’s available in many... Read more »

Is Unpredictability the New Norm?

The agenda for this week’s meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos was already packed with items of critical interest to business leaders including a discussion of the... Read more »

In 2015, Cloud Computing Trends Higher In Developing Countries

Since predictions are the thing to do when a new year begins, here is the most anticipated trend of 2015 that is expected to empower businesses. Forrester forecasts that... Read more »

A New Year’s Path to the Networked Economy

Have you delayed a move to the networked economy? For some organizations, the root cause is an inability to break free from broken processes… and they precrastinate. ... Read more »

Healthy Eating: 50% More Trendy

Healthy eating is not just a new year’s resolution. A social sentiment analysis by SAP identified tasty and techy trends among grocery shoppers. ... Read more »

New Technology and Opportunities Amp Up Contact Energy

What’s good news for the planet can also be good news for energy companies. And it’s an exciting time to be an energy company in New Zealand. ... Read more »

Fascinating People I Met in 2014

There are many ways to reflect on our experiences. ... Read more »

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