Spotlight: SAP Business Trends

Predicting Eclipses is Easier Than Predicting Clouds

My 1983 Boys Almanac told me many years ago that March 2015 would have a solar eclipse here in England on March 20, at 9:32 am. Here is my picture of the eclipse: ... Read more »

Can Software Solve the Global Education Crisis? Check Out the $15 Million XPRIZE

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read or write, most of whom are in developing countries without regular access to schools or teachers. Traditional... Read more »

Design + SAP HANA = Innovation

When most people think of SAP HANA, they think "extreme speed." And they should, given that the in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA enable it to process and analyze large... Read more »

Outpacing the Rest of the World: Latin American Business Soars in the Cloud

Over 1 million demonstrators marched in cities and towns across Brazil last Sunday to protest a sluggish economy, rising prices and corruption. These marches come as Brazil... Read more »

Starting Early: Getting Girls Ready for High-Tech Careers

“How many of you know what ‘eh’ means?” GIRLsmarts4tech volunteer Jennifer Coleman asked 50 American girls, as 64 Canadian girls backed her up – all of which were... Read more »

Are You a Hidden Player in the Bitcoin Revolution?

The bitcoin payment network may not be quite ready for prime time, but thanks to its underlying technology, digital currency is here to stay. Like any revolution it’s... Read more »

Data Innovators In Sports And Entertainment: Phizzle

Today, sports and entertainment properties are challenged to improve business performance by increasing engagement opportunities with fans. Marketers want to connect with... Read more »

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