Bust a Move? Sounds Like Fun, but First Let’s Bust A Few Enterprise Software Myths in Wholesale Distribution

If only there was a Snopes for enterprise software – the definitive reference source for urban legends, myths, rumors and mis-information.  Alas, it doesn’t exist, so allow me the pleasure of busting a few myths about enterprise software for midsize companies in the wholesale distribution industry.

Everyone wants to grow their business, right? If not, then why are you in business? Small, niche software providers will approach you with a very tailored offering to your particular micro-vertical within the wholesale industry. What they don’t tell you is that it will work for your business as it is today, but not for your business as it grows and morphs over time.


SAP Appoints Lori Mitchell-Keller Head of Global Retail Industry Business Unit

SAP today announced the appointment of Lori Mitchell-Keller to senior vice president and head of the Global Retail Industry Business Unit. As SAP continues to expand its portfolio of innovative solutions for retailers, Mitchell-Keller will oversee the delivery of end-to-end solutions that help customers build unified sales channels, consumer-driven supply networks and integrated merchandising and marketing programs. Read the newsbyte.

Complexity: Ignore It at Your Own Risk

In his study of world affairs, distinguished professor James N. Rosenau captured the irreducible complexity[i] on the world stage in 1997 by observing that “history is not one damn thing after another so much as it is many damn things simultaneously.”   Those managing retail operations can easily substitute ‘retail’ for ‘history’ and thus capture the complexity of being a retailer. In that spirit, retailers will not find any panaceas in our emergent age of contradictions with the absolute and unprecedented rise of consumer power.  (more…)

Software Solutions for Developing Countries

SAP TV recently visited the Republic of Ghana in West Africa. Ghana’s Cashew Initiative is a prime example of how SAP software can drive business in newly emerging markets. In partnership with SAP, Ghanaian cashew farmers use modern technology to help grow their businesses. (more…)

CloMoSo and Wholesale Distribution

The big three: cloud, mobile, social. Or CloMoSo to those in the know, like Neetin Datar, senior director of Industry Marketing for Wholesale Distribution at SAP. He explains how CloMoSo brings business value to wholesale distributors. Read the full SAP.info article.

Value and ROI from Social Media: What can Health-Sciences learn from Consumer Products?

In his previous blog post Andy Dé discussed how visionary retail and consumer products companies were at the forefront of deploying social media (and mobility where relevant) to engage with their customers using a ’7 Stage Social Media (and mobility) Value and ROI Life cycle Model’. He now focuses on the best practices in Social Media from Consumer Products specifically in the light if stages 5, 6, 7 of his life cycle model. Read the full blog post.

Value and ROI from Social Media: What can Health-Sciences learn from best practices in Retail?

In a previous blog post Andy Dé has explained how social media is being adopted and leveraged in a Healthcare context. In his latest article he focuses on the question of what the value and return on investment (ROI) from Social Media initiatives is. If you are interested in learning more read his ’7 Stage Social Media (and mobility) Value and ROI Life cycle Model’ evaluating best practices in retail and consumer products. (more…)

Update: SAP Business Suite

Real-time data analysis, collaboration à la Facebook, and forecasts thanks to BI features – SAP Business Suite has received a number of interesting new functions. We’ll show you what Innovations 2010 offers to SAP users. Read the full SAP.info article.

Study Reveals Rise of Sustainability in Retail

Sustainability is no longer only a back-of-mind topic for retail companies, according to a joint study conducted by SAP and the Chair of Logistics Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The study, titled “Sustainability in Retail: Challenges – Strategies – Implementation,” reveals that sustainability has become an indispensable part of retailers’ core business and competitive positioning. Read the newsbyte.

The Many Faces of Innovation


In a recent re-read of Peter Drucker’s classic The Effective Executive (1966), I found myself pondering its relevance 45 years hence amid the immense changes in society and technology. My conclusion is that it has withstood the test of time. Drucker identified successful companies as those that pursue new technologies or new business models. He did not see much value in solving a problem “which only restores the equilibrium of yesterday,” but rather value is found in converting an “opportunity into results.” (more…)

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