Top 50 iPad Rollouts by Enterprises and Schools

Today’s WSJ had a fascinating article about one-hit wonder products like the Baby on Board sign and, more recently, Silly Bandz. That got me thinking: have the past three months proven that the iPad is no one-hit wonder? Why, yes, I do believe they have. There’s the 25 million iPads sold in 14 months, the huge pent-up demand for the iPad 2 and Apple’s continued domination over the PlayBook, Xoom and Galaxy Tab.

However, consumers are fickle. Tastes change, fads fade. In one year, couldn’t the tablet market look completely different? (more…)

SAP CIO: We’re “Jumping On” New Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets

Samsung’s new Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet won’t be widely available in the U.S. until June 17, but SAP AG CIO Oliver Bussmann can hardly wait.

“I’m putting a lot of pressure on my own folks to have some Samsung devices out [among employees] in the next 4-6 weeks,” Bussmann said in an interview last week.

(Note: this is the first in a planned series of monthly interviews I’ll be doing with Bussmann on SAP’s internal use of mobility and its overall IT transformation. Subscribe to UberMobile’s feed or follow me on Twitter @ericylai in order not to miss any updates.) (more…)

Mobilizing Business Intelligence

Speaking from SAPPHIRE NOW, Jason Rose of BI Solution Marketing at SAP has a few words to say about the business intelligence (BI) solutions that SAP released in February – and why these solutions will become exponentially more mobile in the next couple of months. (more…)

Five Mobile Must-Sees at SAPPHIRE NOW in 2011

SAP bought Sybase last year just weeks before SAPPHIRE NOW, so there was no time to bring a major mobile presence to the show. This year will be different, with SAPPHIRE NOW’s first-ever mobility campus.

That’s where I’ll be roaming around next week, blogging, tweeting (@ericylai) and even shooting a video or two. Here are a few things that I definitely plan to catch: (more…)

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