Customers Bank on SAP NetWeaver PI

Companies today use a myriad of different system interfaces for electronic transactions between their banking partners’ and corporate suppliers’ systems as well as between their own enterprise resource planning systems. Often based on a wide variety of protocols, proprietary standards and technologies, these point-to-point interfaces can involve high maintenance costs.

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) technology can play a significant role in enabling massive savings in integration costs and delivering ongoing business value.


HSBC to Broaden Connectivity Innovations With SAP and SWIFT

HSBC, SAP and SWIFT have teamed together to create  the next generation of HSBC Connect to SAP, HSBC’s corporate-to-bank integration and treasury solution catering to HSBC’s corporate customers that use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from SAP. Addressing the potentially high costs associated with maintaining multiple system interfaces for conducting electronic transactions, these three global industry leaders aim to create a flexible multi-bank solution based on SWIFT’s open standards. Read the press release.