Big Data’s Big Opportunity in the Bleak Economy of 2013

“Companies that have embraced the future have been rewarded,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Mad Money, highlighting SAP’s forward-thinking mindset — and rising stock price. “The company’s last quarter — it was fabulous — it was the best third quarter in its history.” (more…)

Why Risk In The Cloud Is Good For The Economy

So much has been written about “the risks” of cloud computing, but that risk leads to bigger rewards, especially for small business. And as the engine of job creation, small business will accelerate the economic recovery. (more…)

They Might Be (Bearded) Giants

Watching game four of the baseball World Series, I’m struck by the absence of playoff beards. For the uninitiated, playoff beards refer to the tradition of a hockey player not shaving during the Stanley Cup playoffs. (more…)

The Power Of South Africa’s PEN

Twenty years after a white electorate voted convincingly in favor of dismantling apartheid, South Africa is still very much a nation in transition. (more…)

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