What Wholesale Distributors Look for in a Transportation Management Solution

I recently read an article by James Cooke of DC Velocity magazine talking about what to look for in a transportation management solution (TMS).  Based on the distributors I talk to every week, his observations are on target when you look at shippers as a whole. Distributors, however, focus upon a narrower list of features than manufacturers.  Here is how I would categorize TMS features in three tiers based on additional input wholesale companies consistently tell me.  (more…)

The Bright Future of Business Analytics

Recently the United Nations declared with certainty that the world’s population reached 7 billion people. By analyzing enormous amounts of data compiled from virtually every geographic level – continents, counties and local communities – the global agency was able to predict not only what individual nations will look like in 20 years, but what social changes they are likely to undergo. (more…)

Deloitte Runs Better with SAP

Watch this new SAP customer story to learn more about how Deloitte uses business analytics on mobile devices to improve the level of dialog it has with its customers and clients. Using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on the iPad, Deloitte can instantly look across the profitability of its services organization and access internal talent and training requirements. (more…)

Social Sentiment, Mobility and Strategy

Increasingly, organizations are leveraging social media to execute strategy. They are using social media in ways one might expect – such as outbound communications through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – and they are subjectively monitoring social media services for inbound analysis of customer preferences and competitive intelligence. Additionally, with the recent emergence of analytic tools that enable near real-time analytics on large volumes of data and analysis and quantification of completely unstructured data, organizations are now extending beyond “traditional” uses of social media to execute strategy. (more…)

Analytic Apps Approach New Targets

Keith Costello, EVP of Analytic Solutions at SAP, took a moment at SAPPHIRE NOW to share some insights into the popularity of SAP analytic applications and a sneak peek into the future plans for these apps. (more…)

Business Analytics: Where Do We Go from Here?

Let me take the mystery out of business analytics for you and tell you why it’s so powerful today and so exciting for the future.

Business analytics today

I meet with customers almost every day, and one of the first questions they ask in discussing business analytics is: Where do we start? (more…)

SAP Launches Next-Generation GRC, Enabling Unified View and Greater Control Over Risk

SAP today announced its newest release of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software, providing a single, unified environment for the most comprehensive support for management, monitoring and analysis of enterprise risk and compliance activities. Nearly three years in the making, the new release integrates GRC capabilities into everyday business processes, helping make risk management, regulatory compliance and safe, productive operations a standard and a consistent practice. Read the press release.

CeBIT 2011: SAP Press Roundtable “Game Changers in Today’s Business”

SAP and partners discuss what the speed of in-memory technology and a new wave of business analytics means for customers, providing further insight into recent news of the 4.0 releases of business intelligence (BI) and enterprise information management (EIM) solutions from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio (see “SAP Unveils Future of Analytics: Real-Time, Mobile“). Speakers include Jacob Klein, vice president, SAP HANA-Project Leader, and Timo Elliott, BI Evangelist.

4.0 Releases of BI and EIM Solutions Feature Greater Integration

Today in New York we introduce the new 4.0 releases from our SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. I am particularly excited about these because, in my humble opinion, they are the strongest releases of BI and EIM solutions in SAP’s history. I’d like to focus on one reason why: integration.

Over the past three years, we have listened closely to our customers and worked bring more unity across all our SAP BusinessObjects solutions. As the analytics portfolio has evolved, customers achieved remarkable results for their businesses using BI, EIM, EPM and GRC solutions from SAP. The 4.0 releases are part of our ongoing commitment to help customers get the most out of their analytics, beginning with tighter integration of our BI and EIM solutions, giving them a common look and feel, making them easy for people to use and derive value from, and delivering it to them quickly, in real-time, any way they want it, on any device — at their desk or on the go. (more…)

SAP StreamWork Integrates Popular Applications With Support for OpenSocial

Broadening the range of tools and functionality available to users of the SAP StreamWork application, SAP is introducing support for OpenSocial, a common set of programming standards used by many social web applications.

Developers of applications using the popular OpenSocial API (application programming interface) can now register their tools with SAP StreamWork and make them available to users via the “Tools Catalog” in SAP StreamWork. Read the newsbyte.

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