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Ship It! Co-innovation With Vilore Gets the Food Out

It takes two to tango, goes the saying. It also takes two to co-innovate. SAP has the talent to create great software, but the results are better when SAP dances with experts... Read more »

The Cloud, the Elephant and the Blind Men

Throughout history, philosophers, teachers and religious leaders have used stories and parables to help us understand intangible, often complex, concepts. One of my favorites... Read more »

SAP to Announce Third Quarter 2014 Earnings

SAP SE will release its results for the third quarter of 2014 on Monday, October 20. CEO Bill McDermott and CFO Luka Mucic will host a financial analyst and press conference... Read more »

How Much Is a Brand Worth?

What’s the dollar value of a company’s brand? If your brand is SAP, it’s worth more than $17 billion, according to corporate identity consultancy Interbrand’s list of... Read more »

Internet of Things: Have We Come Full Circle?

Back in the 2000 Dot Com boom, stories about how the Internet was going to change the world dominated news headline. Fast forward to 2014 and we may have a replay. ... Read more »

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