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Oxford Economics Study: South African Companies Unprepared for Changing Workforce

The latest research findings from Oxford Economics reveal that companies in South Africa face a looming talent crisis despite an ongoing business climate of economic... Read more »

Innovation Helps Tear Down Walls

Bernd Leukert demonstrated how the developer community could help overcome technical boundaries, based on the Internet of Things and new s-innovations.... Read more »

Solving the Data Problem, SAP TechEd && d-code Keynote Tells the Future of Running Simple

“Houston, we have a data problem,” SAP’s Björn Goerke said Tuesday to a crowd of thousands -- in Berlin. ... Read more »

Understanding the Business Value of Talent Management in the Cloud

As cloud computing becomes the norm globally, it’s time to stop talking about TCO only, and start focusing on what really matters: the required business outcomes that... Read more »

Siemens and SAP Team up with End-Users to Develop Simple Solution for Sustainable Buildings

In today’s customer-driven world, the consumer’s voice is one of the most important ingredients in technology design that dazzles with brilliant simplicity. Whether... Read more »

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