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Theresa Böhme

SAP editor at SAP News Services, Theresa writes IT-, business- and sustainability-related articles and news. Theresa has experience in online writing and editing from a publishing company and in the field of corporate communication. Theresa holds a degree in Economics and Spanish cultural studies from Duisburg-Essen University and journalism and communications from University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. She studied in Essen, Würzburg and Saragossa, Spain.

By Theresa Böhme

Compartamos: More Microloans In Latin America

Banking software from SAP is enabling Mexican bank Compartamos to simplify its processes and grant more microcredits to small businesses. ... Read more »

Eight Business Tips for Health

In his book, "Run Your Body Like a Business," SAP employee Jay Foard applies business theories to the challenge of staying healthy. We look at eight of his top health tips. ... Read more »

Fostering IT Talent in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is home to 4.2 billion people. Over the last few years, it has seen a rapid increase in the founding of new companies, and holds huge potential for... Read more »

SAP Supports Sustainable Start-Ups in Brazil

The Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative from SAP invests in young entrepreneurs and helps them drive their business while also promoting sustainability, growth, and innovation.... Read more »

Affordable Healthcare in Brazil

Many people in Brazil simply cannot afford medical treatment. That’s why the Policlinica Granato focuses on a completely new healthcare concept. ... Read more »

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