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Susan Galer

By Susan Galer

Does Cloud-based HR Boost Performance? Three Companies Report Back

It’s not big news that top performing human resources (HR) organizations are replacing spreadsheets and reams of paperwork with cloud-based software. But where’s the... Read more »

Remote Working Goes Mainstream: Three Personality Traits for Success

I was recently invited to deliver a webinar on managing remote workers which got me thinking about what it takes to work successfully from home. But I’ve also been... Read more »

Civic Hacktivism Brings the Networked Economy to Citizens

Anyone who has ever stood in line to obtain human services, applied for a building permit, or lost a tire in pothole understands the frustration of dealing with government... Read more »

Exclusive Interview with Cristina Palmaka, Managing Director for SAP Brazil

Cristina Palmaka, who rejoined SAP last fall, is super excited about bringing innovation to customers in Brazil. In this interview with SAP News, she talks about the... Read more »

How Leaders are Meeting 2020 Workforce Demands

Technology innovations promise workers of the future a kind of nirvana where they can do what they want when they want, connecting easily with peers and employers to achieve... Read more »

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