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John Ward

By John Ward

Digital Technology is a Game Changer for Education Worldwide

When you listen to experts in the field, it is easy to conclude that digital technology is transforming education as much as Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press did nearly... Read more »

Five Good Reasons to Celebrate Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? Probably. But how much do you really know about this delicious food? Did you know that chocolate has its own holiday or that the world’s bestselling... Read more »

Show Me the Love – The Psychology of Great Customer Service

How did your last customer service experience make you feel? Was it almost like being in love? If not, then perhaps you didn’t get the kind of service you deserve.... Read more »

Extreme Sailing: So Close Fans Can Taste the Salt Spray

There’s nothing esoteric or inaccessible about the Extreme Sailing Series. The high-performance boats used in this sport are built for speed, and the races are designed to... Read more »

Pioneer Spirit Brings Sweeping Change at Public Utility

Omaha, Nebraska is proud of being at the center of things. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the local Chamber of Commerce’s We Don’t Coast campaign. The... Read more »

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