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John Ward

By John Ward

No More Pencils, No More Books: The Decline of the Corporate Classroom

There was a time when formal classroom learning was just about the only option a company had for employee training. ... Read more »

Behind Closed Doors at the Operations Center of the National Exhibition Centre

The room is dark and the tension palpable. The front wall flickers with monitors and dozens of video feeds. On a central dashboard, sectors of a color-coded map change from... Read more »

How to Hire People Who Will Change the World

People want to work where their efforts make a difference. That’s what the surveys say, and it’s not just Millennials who are doing the talking. ... Read more »

Is It Time to Rename the Cable Industry?

Have you noticed that the cable industry is changing? Last summer, for example, the Leichtman Research Group reported that the top U.S. cable providers now have more... Read more »

VELUX Asks: Want to Feel Better? Let the Sun Shine In

For many of us, feeling the sun on our face is one of life’s simplest pleasures. But just how important is natural light to our health and productivity? ... Read more »

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