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Friederike Orths

As editor at SAP News Services, Friederike writes IT-, business- and CSR-related articles and news. She brings writing experience from working at a publishing company and a magazine. She holds a B.A. in German and English literature from Heidelberg University and loves squirrels.

By Friederike Orths

FreshDirect Makes Supermarkets Passé

No time to go grocery shopping? Why not order online? What may sound futuristic to some has already become the norm in and around New York City. FreshDirect delivers... Read more »

Finding the Perfect Solution with the Innovation Discovery Tool

The innovation discovery tool offers customers a tightly consolidated view of the SAP product portfolio, giving companies the technical and business process information they... Read more »

Get Well Soon with SAP HANA

Demand for high-quality professional medical care services in South Korea is strong. Seoul's National University Hospital treats patients like little Ra-hee, who was admitted... Read more »

Staying on Top of Complex Construction Projects with Sablono

Whether it's an airport, a hospital, or an office complex, the completion of large construction projects in a set time frame is always a challenge. Start-up company Sablono... Read more »

Four Cultural Values for Effective Business Process Management

Cultural values and process management? Current research shows that they have more in common than you might think. ... Read more »

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