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David Trites

David is a Director of Marketing at SAP focusing on content marketing, branded journalism, and social media. He writes about current business and industry trends and SAP customer success stories. He has 20 years of enterprise software experience and deep roots in large-scale SAP implementations. Prior to SAP, he was an SAP implementation consultant at Deloitte and an ERP strategy consultant at Gartner.

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By David Trites

From Sports to Fashion, adidas Wins with SAP

Few companies span the worlds of sports and fashion as admirably as adidas. ... Read more »

What Will it Take to End the Ebola Crisis?

The world’s worst Ebola outbreak is not subsiding. Current estimates from the World Health Organization indicate more than 6,000 people in West Africa have been sickened... Read more »

United Launch Alliance: Mission as Big as Space

Space boggles my mind. It is incomprehensible just how big it is and how small we are. I'm reminded of that every time I see an image of space that has an arrow pointing to... Watch the video »

SPAR Austria Group Goes for Real-Time Retail

Don’t you hate when you rush to the store before closing to pick up something you really need and it’s sold out? ... Read more »

Life is good Turns Simplicity into Generosity

Whether we like it or not, we have to share our lives with brands. Just look around any room in your home and you’ll see hundreds of them. But how many of the brands in... Read more »

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