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Chris Rauen

I help companies understand the business value and competitive advantage from being fully engaged in the networked economy. On a personal note, I play tennis, often ride my bike, and play blues harmonica.

By Chris Rauen

What Elite Companies Have In Common With Elite Athletes

When automating a business process, do you prefer a solution that is easy to set up and run, or one that has a broader scope and more effectively supports your business... Read more »

Don’t Tell Your CFO What It Really Costs to Pay Your Bills

What issues are top of mind with your CFO? It's a good bet that AP automation may not be high on the list. ... Read more »

Seven Reasons Why Electronic Payments Make Good Business Sense

Organizations looking to better compete in a networked economy are paying more attention to electronic payments. ... Read more »

A New Year’s Path to the Networked Economy

Have you delayed a move to the networked economy? For some organizations, the root cause is an inability to break free from broken processes… and they precrastinate. ... Read more »

MIT Football and Your Path to the Networked Economy

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as football powerhouse? What some may consider an oxymoron has been turned on its head. ... Read more »

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