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By Andreas Schmitz

A Quick Assessment for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP is once again turning its attention to hosting ― with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service. A new online assessment helps customers find out which services are... Read more »

The UX Mantra

For many customers, user interfaces are the key differentiators for business software products. Consumer apps have set the bar high, and customers are looking for a... Read more »

Six Perspectives on the Cloud

Research and analysis company The Economist Intelligence Unit invited a number of experts to comment on how they think cloud computing will impact the character of work and... Read more »

Seven Commandments of Cloud

Cloud is the business model of the future, but it comes in a number of different guises. Enterprises need to find the right mix – otherwise they could end up creating... Read more »

Port of Hamburg Expands Cloud Application

The smartPORT logistics team, incorporating specialists from Hamburg Port Authority, SAP, and Deutsche Telekom, is collaborating with new partners to integrate a constantly... Read more »

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